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Do you know your SafeWord? The Culprit Manifest has a new track coming out 1/16/18!

Hey, phalanx!

There's a new single dropping 1/16/18!! We are using for this one. The single, SafeWord, is unique in that it has three versions. "It's a Culprit Manifest song with mixes by Revocat and our new collaborators, 87Thieves," states Agent X. "I told the team that we needed a track that sounded like something Madonna would play if she were a dominatrix instructor," states just mediaworks CEO, Judith A. Culp. Huh? We asked her to elaborate:

"Yeah, a lot of this sexy vixen stuff in music today started with Madonna. So in a way, she schooled these younger singers on how to do it. But many of them lack the sophistication, the swag and the couture parts that helped her stay on top for so long. So, yeah, they can still learn a thing or two from Madonna."

The great thing about the three versions is that they are designed for different parts of the evening. The Culprit Manifest's solo version is the song you play to get ready to go out. The Revocat mix is the hype track at the club. The 87Thieves version is what you play when you're lucky enough to have found someone you want to see after hours. Look for "SafeWord" to drop 1/16/2018.

The Culprit Manifest SafeWord

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