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Our E-books

Civil|Theory is a media company that strives to provide the public with diverse and independent content. We are a black, female-owned business that is committed to creating content that is accessible and relevant for everyone.

Our goal is to bring about positive social change, through creating stories that center around topics such as politics, education, and health. We invite you to join us in our mission, and to help spread the word about the power of independent media.

A Caregiver's Guide to CBD: Health Benefits for Dementia Patients

This e-book explores the benefits of CBD for managing symptoms of dementia, such as agitation, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. It provides caregivers with practical advice on using CBD safely and effectively. It also includes my personal struggle as a caregiver who has successfully used CBD to improve my mom's battle with Alzheimer's.


Playing for Keeps: The Ultimate Guide to Competitive Kickball Leagues

Playing for Keeps: The Ultimate Guide to Competitive Kickball Leagues is a comprehensive guide for starting and managing a kickball league for adults. The book is written to cater to the niche of competitive kickball leagues for adults, providing valuable information and insights to help league organizers create a fun and engaging environment for players.


Mindful Miles: How Running Can Improve Your Mental Health After 50

Mindful running is beneficial for women over 50 who are looking to improve their mental health. As we age, our bodies and minds change, and we may experience different mental health challenges. Running mindfully can help us manage these challenges and improve our overall well-being.

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