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I'm an Apple user in a PC World

I'm not sure why anyone would use a PC if they don't have to. In my full-time job, many of the applications are PC-based, so it's a necessity. But in my content creation world, EVERYTHING is done on a Mac. It's the most intuitive of the operating systems, and it's what I prefer to work on, whether it's audio production or video editing. And you should, too.

This is my go-to laptop:

Also, it's the stock I have invested in the most because I am singularly obsessed with Apple products.

These headphones have transformed my listening experience and helped executive produce the latest from The Culprit Manifest. They are completely worth the price tag.

I am hoping the Apple Watch is improving my health. I certainly check my steps every day and once, it did warn me that my heart rate was super high. That's an interesting thing to have your watch tell you.

I also have an iPhone - I have used one since 2009. And hope to get back into the desktop world with a new iMac in 2023!

If you're a creative person, I'm not sure how you can not love with Apple brings to the table.

If you want to own some shares of Apple, use my Stash app link:

applications are PC-based, so it's necessary

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