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Content: Want to start a podcast?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Here are some ideas that will help grow your podcast. Presently, we have had success with MadLove.

Here are a few ideas that may help grow your podcast:

  1. Promote your podcast on social media: Share episodes on your personal and/or business accounts and ask listeners to share them. Use hashtags relevant to your content to reach a wider audience.

  2. Reach out to influencers in your industry: See if any influencers in your field would be willing to share your podcast with their audience or even come on as a guest.

  3. Guest appearances: Reach out to other podcasters and see if you can be a guest on their show or if they would like to be a guest on yours.

  4. Reach out to your audience: Ask for feedback and see what your audience likes and doesn't like about your podcast. Use this feedback to improve the show and make it more appealing to listeners.

  5. Optimize your podcast for search: Make sure your podcast has detailed and accurate show notes, a clear title, and accurate and consistent metadata, including artwork and a clear description of what the show is about.

  6. Collaborate with other podcasts: Team up with other podcasters in your niche and create a crossover episode; it will expose your podcast to the audience of the other podcast and vice-versa.

  7. Submit your podcast to directories: Submit your podcast to as many directories as possible, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, so that it can be easily found by listeners.

  8. Reach out to local media: Contact your local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations and let them know about your podcast. They may be willing to do a feature on you and your show.

  9. Paid Advertising: consider running some paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords. You could also run some sponsored content on Instagram or Twitter.

  10. Finally, be consistent and keep the quality of the content high; the more episodes you have, the more likely someone is to find and become a regular listener.

Remember, growing a podcast takes time and effort, so don't get discouraged if you don't see results right away. Keep experimenting with different tactics and see what works best for you. It will be your consistency that wins the game. You have to dedicate yourself to a schedule and keep making content. Audience loyalty will grow from consistent podcasts. Good luck!

Here's everything I use to create the audio content for just mediaworks/Civil|Theory:

I use my iPhone or a Blue Yeti when I have in-studio guests:

These headphones have transformed my listening experience and helped executive produce the latest from The Culprit Manifest and the MadLove podcast. They are completely worth the price tag.

I also have an iPhone - I have used one since 2009. I use the iPhone 13 Pro Max for pics and to record the podcast. And I hope to get back into the desktop world with a new iMac in 2023! The desktop makes audio editing for longer podcasts so much easier!

If you're a creative person, I'm not sure how you can not love with Apple brings to the table.

Also, it's the stock I have invested in the most because I am singularly obsessed with Apple products.

If you want to own some shares of Apple, use my Stash app link:

Alright - send me your podcast links! Can't wait to hear what y'all create.

Check out MadLove on Spotify and Amazon Music!

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