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How StartEngine inspired the downtempo classic, Mezcal.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

We want to thank you for the warm reception you guys have given this EP! Mezcal is inspired by our CEO's investment in a mezcal startup.

Here's the thing - when you tell creative types that you think a luxury, premium spirit is a sound investment, well, if they are like our creatives, they go buy the product and then create something around that product. We think it's a fun, chill record that is designed to be the background music to a part of a great night. In fact, they think ALL of their projects are exactly that - a great start to a great night.

In addition, we have some film & literary projects in the works that we hope to share with you guys soon. Not sure if StartEngine will play a role in those, but who knows?

We are excited about the music catalog and its growth since 2014. "Yes, there are a lot of songs that we own, but beyond that, we are so pleased with how far the band has come in terms of song composition and creativity," states Judith A. Culp. "Their tracks are fun to listen to, and there's something for everyone," she continues.

Read about El Tinieblo:

We love our team. Thanks, The Culprit Manifest - the most professional and

motivational band in the world.

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