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St. Louis loves House Music: "TroubleHouse" is the breakout song from FameMachine

So, FameMachine was finally released in April 2017.

The original plan was to release it in 2016.

We partnered with a local recording studio/production company and the album got delayed.

Creatively, we had to move on to other projects.

Quietly, FameMachine has had some small successes. "Who Knows" was selected by the IFP program to be licensed for indie filmmakers projects through 2018.

Several tracks from the record have been licensed for music, tv and commercials.

But the shocker is "TroubleHouse". On Pandora, it is by far our most popular song. And now, suddenly, it's finding new life on SoundCloud.

For me and the production team, it's one of the songs we are most proud of because it takes FameMachine to another level. It's a straight up house music song. And the record already defies genres and this track helped us blow the doors open. It's the record I will be proud to have been a part of in 20 years. But I hope it doesn't take that long before people realize how great it is.

Check out "TroubleHouse":

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